Valentine Breton des Loÿs started her career as a costume designer, in Paris, working alongside some of the greatest directors (Besson, Beinex, Radford).

Longing to discover the real London, she set up her studio in the heart of the West End in 2009.

The inspiration behind ValentineTags came from her desire to set words, quite literally in stone, or in her case silver or Perspex.

Each work is edited in small editions, ValentineTags are created in sterling silver, vermeil and 18 carat gold. Which only goes to prove that using the right word is precious.

In the spring of 2013, just in time for summer, she launched a pop diffusion line called Valtags which are playful, brightly coloured, younger sisters made in Perspex as an offshoot to Valentine Tags.

Each statement is made to a limited edition of 50.

While classical alchemists turned lead into gold, Valentine has truly become a modern one, by transforming gold into plastic.